Frequently asked questions

How do I store my Wave Boat?

Option 1
On a Wave Boat UK Trailer.
Option 2
On a Dry stack
Option 3
On a floating dock
Option 4
Store your jet ski on a floating pontoon and your Wave Boat on a swing mooring
Option 5
In the garage of your super yacht

How do I launch my Wave Boat from a trailer?

Watch this video for assistance on how to launch your Wave Boat and / or Jet Ski

How does the jet ski attach and detach?

Watch this short video to see how this works in action

Who can I insure my Wave Boat with?

We reccoment GJW Direct insurance, contact +44 (0) 151 473 8000 for a quotation

When the jet ski leaves the Wave Boat does it float?

Yes, the Wave Boat is a fully independent category C rated boat. It does not however have any independent propulsion other than the jet ski.

What is the warranty on Wave Boats?

We offer a 2 year manufactures faults warranty. Electronic accessories are subject to the brands warranty for which the warranty card is supplied with the boat.

How is the sound system and navigation lights powered on the Wave Boat?

The wiring system is powered by an independent battery on board the WAVE BOAT. No power is taken from the Jet Ski. This battery requires manual charging from time to time however will last approximately 4 full days with the sound system being played at full volume for the entire duration.

Do I need a license to drive a Wave Boat?

UK coastal waters do not require a license to operate a boat or jet ski however some harbours require a RYA PWC course be completed along with the purchase of a permit for your jet ski. As this is relatively inconsistent we recommend you check with your local ports authority for clarification.

Inland waterways have a few more restrictions and license requirements which will have to be obtained before putting your boat on the water. These also vary between local authorities.

We also recommend all sea users to complete a POWERBOAT LEVEL 2 course for safety and peace of mind.


WAVE BOAT UK have teamed up with GJW Direct and had the Wave Boat approved for insurance. They will offer a combined package for your Wave Boat, jet ski and trailer.

We can also recommend Bay Marine Insurance as used by some of our customers.

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