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It is the reaction from the strength of the impact between the water that exits the jet and the surface of the water behind it that propels your jet ski. The power developed at the exit of your impellar will thrust forward a 400kg jet ski easier than it will a 650kg boat however the RPM of your PWC will be exactly the same, it is only the dynamic of the reaction that changes.

Consequently the Wave Boat adds no extra strain to the engine of your PWC and therefore also keeps your PWC warranty entirely valid.

Your Jet Ski

Thanks to our compatibility kits available for every jet ski on the market (except Seadoo Spark) and our boat buckle strap system the Wave Boat is compatible with all Yamaha, Seadoo, Kawasaki Ultra and 15F models. This patented system keeps the jet perfectly connected to the boat and prevents any movement.

If you wish to switch jet ski to another model or brand but keep your Wave Boat? No problem, just change your compatibility kit and you will be ready to go again.


A Wave Boat is not only a boat, it is a boat propelled by a jet ski. While on any other boat you are propelled by a classic boat engine, with the Wave Boat your engine is a real toy, a true adrenaline machine that can now be enjoyed by the whole family.

It takes only 30 seconds to set your PWC free from the Wave Boat and to then let the power and reactivity of the jet ski do the talking.

Never before has a jet ski been so practical and open to a multitude of users, never before has a jet ski been able to satisfy the boating needs of an entire family. The Wave Boat allows you to speed around while others sit back and relax.

Jet Compatibility

Our Wave Boats is compatible with all Yamaha, Seadoo & Kawasaki jet ski's

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